CoReH2O (COld REgions Hydrology High-resolution Observatory) - Phase A (2010/2012)

In March 2009 ESA's "Programme Board for Earth Observation" selected the three missions of the Earth Explorer Program for the next phase of feasibility analysis (Phase A): BIOMASS (study of the distribution of the forests biomass at a global level), CoReH2O and PREMIER (quantification of the processes which control the global atmospheric composition in the middle and high troposphere and in the sub stratosphere). The choice has been based on the suggestions of ESA's Earth Science Advisory Committee (ESAC) and on the users' opinions.

In May 2013, the BIOMASS mission, study of the distribution of forest biomass at a global level, has been chosen to become the seventh Earth Explorer mission, the next chapter in the series of satellites developed to improve our understanding of the Earth.

This project relates to the CoReH2O mission, the first satellite mission designed to provide detailed information on the characteristics of the cycle of snow, glaciers and Earth surface water. The quantity of water retained by the snow is an important component of the water cycle, although this datum, at the moment, has been not yet sufficiently deepened by the scientists. The on-going climatic change is reducing the mass of snow and glaciers n the Earth, with the resulting negative impact on the fresh water resources of our planet.

CoReH2O mission aims at providing continuous and high definition information of snow and glaciers properties by the use of a two frequencies (X and Ku band, 9.6 e 17.2 GHz), double polarization Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to employ in two consecutive phases to obtain all-weather, year-round information on regional and continental scale, on snow and water.
CO.RI.S.T.A. has already participated in the preliminary studies (Phase 0) on CoReH2O mission, while in this project, co-ordinated and conducted by Thales Alenia Space Italia, it has carried out research activities in the period 2010/2012.

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Measurement concept of CoReH2O (ESA credit)