SPACE4UXO - SPACE For Unexploded Ordnance

CO.RI.S.T.A. participates in the project as a consultant of NAIS - NEXTANT Applications & Innovative Solutions responding to the thematic announcement No. 4 of the Italian Space Agency, reserved to SMEs, on the subject "Navigation and Earth Observation: use of the national and European space infrastructure".
SPACE4UXO aims at developing an innovative technological platform supporting the land reclamation activities for the detection and characterization of buried unexploded ordnance (UXO). In this field NAIS benefits from CO.RI.S.T.A. know how as CO.RI.S.T.A. has designed and realized an innovative "P band Radar" within the previous ASI contract No. I/062/10/0, further implemented by the project "Technological evolution and experimentation, by airborne platform, of a radar in VHF and UHF bands (frequencies below 1 GHz)"- ASI Contract 2015-029-I.0.
The research for more effective solutions to the problem of land reclamation from UXO, in operative, economic and operators security terms, is due to the presence of a great number of yet unexploded ordnance (aerial bombs, naval bullets and minefields), due to past war conflicts and to the incessant dissemination of new ordnance in so many world areas where political instability generates local conflicts.
To date, the reclamation activities are conducted utilizing "traditional" instruments, such as magnetometers, and the scanning of the territory is left to teams of men on foot. This approach is certainly suitable, also in economic terms, for limited surfaces (order of several hectares), but not for great areas. SPACE4UXO project intends to provide the operators with an innovative tool, fruit of technology transfer from the space segment.
Within the project CO.RI.S.T.A. is responsible for the following activities:

  • Hardware changes on the antenna interface for lowering the minimum flight altitude in sounder mode:
    Changes will be made to the antenna front-end to lower the flight altitude. This will allow the lowering of the in flight platform during sounder mode.
  • Test flights with the P band Radar:
    The P band Radar will be installed onboard the air platform provided by NAIS for the in flight experimentation. CO.RI.S.T.A. will deal with the definition of the radar installation and the interface of the radar with the mechanical and electronic structures of the aerial platform and will provide the necessary support for the test activities.
  • GNSS data integration:
    CO.RI.S.T.A. will integrate the GNSS data collected by an external unit provided by NAIS. These data will be recorded by the Radar digital unit and co recorded with the sounder/SAR data. CO.RI.S.T.A. will provide the specifications for the interface and its communication protocol.
The program started in 2016 and will last twenty four months.

For further information please contact:

Giulia Pica
phone: +39-081-5935101