Off-Line Data Processor and Off-Line Scenario Simulator for RIME

Within the research activities carried out by the Italian Space Agency for the realization of the subsurface radar RIME (Radar for Icy Moons Exploration) for the ESA mission JUICE, CO.RI.S.T.A. deals with the realization of two software for the simulation of the raw data produced by the instrument and their related processing in the team of Thales Alenia Space Italia.
RIME has been selected as payload for the JUpiter Icy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission, one of the most important missions chosen as part of the ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025, and is aimed to study Jupiter and to investigate the potentially habitable zones in the Galilean icy satellites. RIME is a radar sounder optimized for the penetration of Ganymede, Europa and Callisto up to a depth of 9 km in order to allow the study of the subsurface geology and geophysics of the icy moons and detect possible subsurface water.
The research activities of the project can be divided into two phases:

  • Off-line Scenario Simulator
  • Off-Line Data Processor
A definition phase of the algorithms is expected for both activities, then of implementation, coding and test.
CO.RI.S.T.A. has a considerable experience in the field of raw data simulation, obtained with the MRO-SHARAD and EXOMARS missions. In fact during these missions it has developed off line and real time simulators for raw data.
RIME began in October 2016 and will last six months.


JUICE - Credit ESA


JUICE - JUpiter ICy moons Explorer - is the first large-class mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme. Planned for launch in 2022 and arrival at Jupiter in 2030, it will spend at least three years making detailed observations of the giant gaseous planet Jupiter and three of its largest moons, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa.
The JUICE spacecraft will carry the most powerful remote sensing, geophysical, and in situ payloads ever flown to the outer Solar System. The payload consists of 10 state-of-the-art instruments plus one experiment that uses the spacecraft telecommunication system with ground-based instruments. This payload is capable of addressing all of the mission's science goals, from in situ measurements of Jupiter's atmosphere and plasma environment, to remote observations of the surface and interior of the three icy moons, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto.
A geophysical package consists of a laser altimeter (GALA) and a radar sounder (RIME) for exploring the surface and subsurface of the moons.

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    Degree thesis developed on this subject:

  • Degree thesis "Europa Jupiter System Mission: orbital analysis of Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter" developed by Armando Marotta, academic year 2008-2009, Second University of Naples, Faculty of Engineering, degree course in Aerospace Engineering.      

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