Completed Programmes

     AVIOSAR (1990/91)

    A research project for the analysis, characterisation and simulation of aerospace remote sensing systems by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

     TOPSAR (1991/92)

    A research project for the analysis, characterisation and simulation of aerospace remote sensing systems by interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).

     Volcanic Sites - NUVS (1992/93)

    Analysis and study of gaseous emissions in volcanic sites by aerospace remote sensing systems.

     SYMPLEX (1994)

    Synoptic Mesoscale Plancton Experiment.

     Earthquakes Prediction (1995/97)

    Earthquakes prediction in active tectonic areas by space techniques.

     Scatterometer (1997/1999)

    Study, characterisation and testing of a scatterometer.

     ARCHEO (1997/2001)

     FAST (1998/99)

    Programme of Promotion, Development, Reconversion and Quality of Small and Medium Enterprises: Design of a fully autonomous Star Tracker.

     HISPEC (1999/2000)

    Integrated Techniques and Methods of Remote Sensing for Volcanic Areas Monitoring.

     Different activities  (1994/2001)

     National Aerospace Programmes

     LAPMI (2000/2002)

    Research project for monitoring of atmospheric particulate by Lidar.

     INPUT (2000/2003)

    Innovation in city-planning by satellite remote sensing.

     Programmes funded by the Italian Space Agency

     MINISAR (2001/2008)

    A three-dimensional, all-weather all-time observation system for natural disaster monitoring and civil protection

     National Aerospace Programmes

    UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle:

     Studies and research activities on European Space Agency Programmes:

     Programmes funded by the Italian Space Agency

     Programmes funded by the Italian Space Agency

  • MITAR (2002/2005)
    Project of research for the realisation of an innovative miniaturised sensor for micro-satellites suitable for space.


     Mars Exploration:

     Cassini -Huygens mission

     Mars exploration:

     Preliminary studies and projects on the theme "Italian Vision for Moon Exploration"
Preliminary research activities in electro-optical sector (2007) and microwave sector (2006/2007) on the subject proposed by the Italian Space Agency in the field of Moon Exploration.

     Optical Telecommunication Payload (2007/2008)
WP DB: Mission analysis Ground Station

Phase A2 of the "Optical Telecommunication Payload" project, funded by the Italian Space Agency.

     Six Candidate Earth Explorer Core Missions - Phase 0 Study (2007/2008)

Study on the CoReH2O mission, one of the six candidates within the "Earth Explorer" Programme of the European Space Agency.

     Earth Observation Mission based on Satellite Formation(2007/2009)

Analysis of three main scenarios of satellite formation flight mission, each related to a different payload.

     SABRINA-Large-Baseline Bistatic Algorithms (2007/2008)

Testing of algorithms related to new applications for SABRINA mission

     FLORAD (2008/2009)

Micro-satellite FLOwer Constellation of millimeter-wave RADiometers for the Earth and space Observation at regional scale

     Development of a digital frequency synthesizer for remote sensing application (2008/2010)

Study for the development of a signal generator with advanced performances as to frequency band and generation velocity

     PROC (Planetary Radar Operation Center) (2008/2012)

Design and development of an operative center, the Planetary Radar Processing Center (PROC), able to receive, process and analyze radar data coming from different control centers.

     SoRa (Sounding Radar) mission (2009)

Test mission of a ground penetrating radar for planetary exploration onboard a stratospheric balloon

     Post EPS
Post EUMETSAT Polar System (2009)

Participation in ESA Post EPS mission, the polar meteorological satellites which will replace MetOp between 2018-2020.

     PAGIS (2006/2011)
Planetary Geosciences Information System

Project for the development of a Geospatial Information System.

     Oil below ice (2011)

Study in the field of detection of oil below ice by means of microwave systems

     BIOMASS (2011/2012)

Support activities to Thales Alenia Space Italia for the definition and specifications of BIOMASS P-band Synthetic Aperure Radar (SAR)

     CoReH2O (COld REgions Hydrology High-resolution Observatory) (2010/2012)

Phase A of ESA CoReH2O project

     Space Instrument Design Modelling of Optical Active and Microwave Instruments (SIMOM2) (2010/2012)

research activities on behalf of the European Space Agency in the field of ESTEC Concurrent Design Facility (CDF)

     SHARAD scientific activities on MRO (2009/2013)

Follow up of SHARAD scientific activities

     MetOp Second Generation
Phase A/B1 System Study (2011/2013)

Phase A/B1 of MetOp Second Generation, in particular research activities for the imaging radiometers of the mission,

     "Guidance Algorithms and Visual Navigation" - Mise project (2012/2013)

CO.RI.S.T.A. participated in the "Guidance Algorithms and Visual Navigation" project in the team leaded by GMA s.r.l. within MISE, a C.I.R.A. (Italian Aerospace Research Centre) project.

     P-band Radar (2011/2014) ASI Contract I/062/10/0

research activities for the design and realization of a new P-band Radar system as part of a programme of payload test for planetary exploration, completely promoted and funded by the Italian Space Agency

     SIASGE (2011/2013)

Research activities developed within SIASGE (Italian-Argentine Satellite System for Emergency Management) programme

     SIRENA (2014/2015)

System studies on an anti-collision radar for UAV and prototypal development of the on-board processor and of the anti-collision algorithms


Enabling technologies and innovative electronic scanning systems in millimetre and centimetre bands for avionic radar applications


Radar architecture for Debris monitoring