SW for the Experimental Facility Dynamic Visualization Tool

CO.RI.S.T.A. participates in the programme "Dynamic Visualization Tool" in Thales Alenia Space Italia team.
The objective is the design and development of a visualization tool working on standard products of either CSK, CSG and Sentinel 1.
In addition to standard image capabilities, such as zoom, pan, rotation, crop, brightness/contrast, distance/angle measurement, data statistics, the tool will also support users to perform basic image filtering (e.g. despeckle, blur, sharpen, edge), projection (e.g. Slant to orthorectified with DEM), radiometric correction (antenna pattern compensation) and spectral analysis.

Main foreseen activities are hereafter summarized:

  • review of the input documentation;
  • specific analysis of Sentinel 1, CSK and CSG design available documentation to design and develop the tool with reference to a real system context;
  • sw requirements definition;
  • sw architecture and interfaces definition;
  • sw design;
  • atomic prototypes development to support/validate the definition of the processing itself (before starting with SW development, a SW MMI prototype shall be submitted for approval);
  • sw development;
  • sw test definition and execution;
  • output documentation generation.

The programme started in June 2016 and will last 12 months.

For further technical and scientific information please contact:

Stefania Mattei
phone: +39-081-5935101