Consortium of Research on Advanced Remote Sensing Systems

CO.RI.S.T.A. (Consortium of Research on Advanced Remote Sensing Systems) is a non-profit consortium.
It was formed in Naples in 1988 aiming to promote close cooperation between universities and industry in areas related to aerospace remote sensing. It had, therefore, from the beginning, universities and industrial members which have contributed, each according to their characteristics and attitudes, to make of the Consortium an extremely flexible structure rich in diversified and specialized resources.

It deals with the design, prototype development and application of advanced sensors for remote sensing that can be installed on ground, air and space platforms (balloons, aircraft, helicopters and satellites).
It conducts research and prototype development in the field of remote sensing systems, also including aspects of their control in operation and processing of data.
The diagram below summarizes the main activities of the Consortium:

The areas of technical expertise within remote sensing activity range from the definition and simulation of innovative airborne sensors and of prototypes of satellite subsystems to the development of satellite data processing algorithms.

The objectives, to which such research activities are directed, derive from an analysis of the evolution of the sector, consistent with the strategic plans and "roadmaps" developed by the consortium members. In this sense, CO.RI.S.T.A. acts as a link between the objectives of industrial development and those of scientific research of its members.
In this process it aims also entering more and more significantly in the fabric of small and medium enterprises in the aerospace sector in Campania, through involvement in research programs, in which the importance is also the possibility of engineering and marketing of the prototypes developed.

It employs its own team of researchers and its laboratory is part of the Register of Research Laboratories recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

In the international framework it is part of the research centers accredited by the European Space Agency as potential partners in their programs.