Development of a simulation tool of SAR raw data for the SAOCOM project: RADASIM

In the frame of the National Space Plan, the Argentine Space Agency CONAE is developing a system of Earth observation, dedicated to the use of remote sensing data for optimization of socio-economic and scientific studies. This project involves the launching of two constellations, SAOCOM 1 and SAOCOM 2, each of which is itself composed of two satellites.
This project responds to CONAE need for "the development of a simulation tool of SAR raw data for the SAOCOM Project (Satellites for Observation and Communications) " able to generate SAOCOM simulated raw data based on observed scenarios definitions, and asks for the delivery of predefined raw data sets.
CORISTA has proposed a software tool (RADASIM) to fulfill CONAE request for raw data SAR simulation. The simulation tool will be used to validate SAOCOM processing chain and to integrate it on the overall payload CAL/VAL facilities.

RADASIM development goes through three main steps:

  • input definition and processing: is conceived to manipulate input data to extract information and parameters necessary to accomplish simulation tasks;
  • Simulator core: is the core of simulation. It processes incoming data by means of assessed algorithms and returns simulated data;
  • output data formatting: is conceived to format output data compliant to SAOCOM flight to ground segment interface.

Main activities are:

  • Requirements definition
  • Core processing prototype & development
  • Algorithm assessment
  • Integration & coding
  • Auxiliary Software implementation for test & coding
  • SW test
  • Support & training to simulator operation
The project began in June 2014 and will end in 2016.

For further information please contact:

Giulia Pica
phone: +39-081-5935101