March 2017: CO.RI.S.T.A. participates in “RADASIM System for the simulation of raw data of SAR for SAOCOM Project”

RADASIM is a raw data simulator designed and developed by CORISTA for CONAE (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales, the civilian agency of the government of Argentina in charge of the national space program), in order to fulfil SAOCOM* team needs of a tool able to simulate all SAOCOM instrument operative modes and produce an output fully compliant with instrument output.
Output data contains all the information and data as on board instrument pack and send to Earth based station.
In this framework, in order to improve simulator performance, CONAE asked for a contract change to realize:

  • Interface changes
  • Telemetry simulation new features
  • New inputs concerning: services, subservices, virtual channel assignment, start stop download, reference PUS
  • Execution time optimization
  • Quick Simulation Mode
  • RADASIM Auxiliary Tool
  • Separate tool implementation to allow simulated data ingestion.
The project starts on May 2017 and it will last 6 months.

For further technical and scientific information please contact:

Giulia Pica
phone: +39-081-5935101